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“Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit, before a fall” Proverbs 16:18. The end result of pride more often than not, is destruction. Why? Because it’s wired to work that way. A proud person is provocative to fellow humans and rejected by God. As I have said, one too many times, God would neverContinue reading “PRIDE.”


If there’s one thing we’re sure of that God hates, it’s hypocrisy. Jesus dealt with other types of sinners gently but when it came to the Pharisees who were hypocrites, He was a little harsh. Really, it can be frustrating to see someone pretend to be what they’re not but as Christians, we need toContinue reading “HYPOCRISY.”


The issue of blasphemy is one topic in the Bible that has been given multiple interpretations and has been a source of confusion to many Christians. When we read through the bible, we learn it is an unforgiveable sin (Matthew 12:31; Mark 3:27-29). However, that same bible tells us that the blood of Jesus blots awayContinue reading “BLASPHEMY EXPLAINED.”

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