This is not an organ or something that can be physically seen or touched. It resides in the brain and manifestations of it include thoughts, emotion, memory, perception, imagination and so on; which are all activities that take place in the brain. Hence, the mind and brain are often used interchangeably, as will be inContinue reading “THE HUMAN MIND.”


What does Christianity have to do with staying positive, you may ask. But there is lot that staying positive helps you achieve as a Christian. In fact, they are somewhat interrelated. With the degree of evil and depressing things happening all around the world today, the only One that could keep us looking up andContinue reading “STAYING POSITIVE.”


At one point or the other, we all have been guilty of something. Be it doing that one thing your mom told you not to do or going against God’s will. And the thing is, guilt has so many adverse effects from depression, to self-hate to withdrawing from God’s purpose for your life and inContinue reading “DEALING WITH GUILT.”


DEALING WITH ANXIETY.     Everyone has anxiety at one point in time or the other. Take for example the feeling you get when you’re on your way to a job interview or going for an exam or even taking the opening speech for an upcoming event…that feeling of fear, eagerness or nervousness is anxiety. However, itContinue reading “…BE ANXIOUS FOR NOTHING…”

8 Things depression says versus what Jesus says.

From the company you keep to past mistakes to loneliness and low self esteem, there are so many things that could make a person depressed. Normally, depression is not something a person would want to find himself in but what happens when you find yourself getting depressed. Sure, it has a lot to say butContinue reading “8 Things depression says versus what Jesus says.”