Text: Matthew 5:43-48 AMP. Love in this context (this post) does not refer to the emotion rather it refers to agape love, an unselfish love that seeks the best for others. The type Jesus has for you and I. This post comes as a reminder to us of the kind of love that our saviorContinue reading “TO LOVE OR TO HATE?”


“Tell me why you are bent on being under the Law, do you not listen to what the Law really says”? (Galatians 4:21). This post comes as a follow up to the post of last two weeks on Grace. Whenever grace is mentioned, the Law is more than likely to be mentioned as well. So,Continue reading “GRACE IN COMPARISON WITH THE LAW”


HAPPY NEW MONTH EVERYONE, MAY THIS MONTH BE A MONTH FILLED WITH PRAISES TO GOD FROM YOU IN JESUS NAME. Not many people have even the slightest idea of how important it is to give praises to God. For so long, the power of praise has been underestimated. We place faith and prayer on highContinue reading “THE POWER OF PRAISE.”


More often than not, in Christian gatherings and ceremonies, after the closing prayer comes the grace. When we are asked questions that we have no definite answer to, we go for the default ‘by God’s grace’. And why does Apostle Paul keep mentioning the grace of God? The bible even lets us know that theContinue reading ““MAY THE GRACE OF OUR LORD…””


“When things don’t go right, go left”, they say. But what happens when you’ve gone left and right and up and down but it all seems to be yielding the same result? I’ve got two answers for you, depending on your category. If you happen to be an unbeliever, your solution is Jesus. Everything isContinue reading “TRIALS AND TOUGH TIMES.”


Happy new month everyone! I pray this month is filled with many blessings from God to you in Jesus name. For the past weeks, every article on this blog has made mention of the word faith. Even in church gatherings, from audio messages and the likes, the word faith is always reoccurring. Maybe you’re thinking ‘what is itContinue reading “FAITH.”


Salvation as we know it, is not just having our souls delivered from the eternal damnation it was set for. It means to be saved and a person can be saved from different things. However, the type of salvation found in Christ is not like that in the world. Jesus Christ saves and saves completely.Continue reading “JESUS SAVES.”


Some days back, I had had a conversation with a friend who said she always felt as though God doesn’t answer her prayers. She said that when it came to the prayer requests like “wake me up tomorrow morning Lord as I sleep tonight” He answered but, when it came to others like “help meContinue reading “UNANSWERED PRAYERS.”


Hello, Welcome to FaithPlus : ) This is a blog that focuses on things of the Spirit. From frequently asked questions to challenges encountered on a daily as Christians to what Jesus is telling those who are His and basically all other faith related topics; this blog covers it all. I chose to start bloggingContinue reading “AN INTRODUCTION.”