There is a clear line between taking responsibility for your wrong and blaming yourself. Taking responsibility would have you acknowledging you have done something wrong and push you to look for a solution or way forward but blaming yourself is continuous, it makes you dwell on the wrong and the possible scenarios. E.g the “what ifs” and “what could have been”.


“BLAMING GOD”. Before you gasp and cover your mouth in shock thinking “how can someone blame God?” I’d like you to know that you’re not innocent of this either. In times past, we have all faulted God for one thing or the other. We have blamed Him for the evil that has happened to usContinue reading THE BLAME GAME II.


This is the first game ever played by mankind. It dates as far back as the beginning of time, in the garden of Eden. Adam was the first player, closely followed by Eve. (Genesis 3:1-13) In today’s world, the blame game is as good as normal and virtually every single one of us is inContinue reading “THE BLAME GAME.”