Time and again, in virtually every post on this blog, there has been reference to the Holy Spirit. In sermons and messages, He is frequently mentioned. From Acts of the apostles in the bible to Revelations, He is mentioned. Most Christians still struggle and suffer things they should not, because they are yet to comeContinue reading “THE HOLY SPIRIT.”


What does Christianity have to do with staying positive, you may ask. But there is lot that staying positive helps you achieve as a Christian. In fact, they are somewhat interrelated. With the degree of evil and depressing things happening all around the world today, the only One that could keep us looking up andContinue reading “STAYING POSITIVE.”


Lack of self-control leads to multiple sins and is a major cause of many sins. The person who lost that job after misspeaking did not lose it because his or her “village people” were behind it. The person lost it because she/he lacked self-control. It’s easy to dictate to someone and ensure they do thatContinue reading “SELF-CONTROL.”


If there’s one thing we’re sure of that God hates, it’s hypocrisy. Jesus dealt with other types of sinners gently but when it came to the Pharisees who were hypocrites, He was a little harsh. Really, it can be frustrating to see someone pretend to be what they’re not but as Christians, we need toContinue reading “HYPOCRISY.”