With God, there is an appointed time for everything. When mankind fell in the garden of Eden, God promised salvation but it didn’t manifest until the appointed time. And even now, every believer is waiting for the appointed time of the return of Jesus Christ. (Genesis 3:15; 1 John 3:8) Today’s post is to encourageContinue reading THE APPOINTED TIME.


“BLAMING GOD”. Before you gasp and cover your mouth in shock thinking “how can someone blame God?” I’d like you to know that you’re not innocent of this either. In times past, we have all faulted God for one thing or the other. We have blamed Him for the evil that has happened to usContinue reading THE BLAME GAME II.


As Christians, we are liable to face many challenges and persecution from people of the world. Especially in situations that require patience, it can be hard waiting when you see others cutting corners and getting it quick. No one likes to be stigmatised but at one point or the other, we would be stigmatised forContinue reading “HOW TO REMAIN IN CHRIST.”


So many times, we go through situations we cannot understand, we go through challenges that bring us to our knees and have us question God, “why me?” In several cases of believer-turned-atheist, such situations happen to have been the triggering factor. They experience hurtful things that lead them to conclude “there is no God” orContinue reading “WHY ME?”


“When things don’t go right, go left”, they say. But what happens when you’ve gone left and right and up and down but it all seems to be yielding the same result? I’ve got two answers for you, depending on your category. If you happen to be an unbeliever, your solution is Jesus. Everything isContinue reading “TRIALS AND TOUGH TIMES.”


LESSONS I LEARNT FROM JOSEPH’S LIFE.              N.B: this is going to be a long article but hopefully, an impactful one…enjoy! I know, the topic seems cliché. If you’re an African, precisely a Nigerian, you’ve probably heard that phrase before. But hopefully you’d learn something different today. By the way, I don’t mean an actualContinue reading “PRISON BEFORE PALACE:”