Hello, Welcome to Faith + blog : )

This is a blog that focuses on things of the Spirit. From frequently asked questions to challenges encountered on a daily as Christians to what Jesus is telling those who are His and basically all other faith related topics; this blog covers it all.

I chose to start blogging publicly because of Jesus’ instruction to all believers in Mark 16:15, to go into the world and preach the gospel. I really did not see myself becoming a pastor or something like that but because of how important it is to me that I keep His instruction, I had to start a blog. Again, I’ve had people ask me questions about my faith that by the help of The Holy Spirit I was able to answer but I also wanted the thousands of people who had had similar questions at the back of their minds to get their answers.

By the grace of God Almighty, I hope to connect with those interested in growing spiritually and those interested in helping others (e.g me) grow spiritually, through this blog.

Also, feel free to comment and contribute on any of the posts in the comment section…I would love to also learn from you. P.S: don’t forget to subscribe to my weekly posts (I’d be posting every Friday).

I apologize for any typo I might make in my posts or any clumsiness on the blog…I hope the posts minister to you.


Published by teniiiola

A Pharmacy student who loves to talk about God.

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