May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Romans 15:13

It’s that time of the year again and trees are decorated beautifully, carol songs are being blasted through the radios and most people are cooking up something tasty to eat. Though Jesus was not actually born on December 25, the day has been chosen to celebrate His birth. But what does this all mean? In the whole merriness of the season, what does Christmas really mean to Christians? Or rather, what should it mean to Christians?

Christmas is about love. Over two thousand and twenty years ago, God showed love to us by letting His only begotten Son die for us (John 3:16). He showed us an unbiased love by allowing His perfect Son to die for our imperfections. He showed us love by permitting His Son, Jesus to be born to this passing world for us, that we may have life beyond our stay here. God showed us love by keeping His words, by bringing the words prophesied by the prophets to come to pass. So, whenever you see those Christmas lights twinkle, remember the love God has for you and do not shy away from reciprocating it to Him and to others.

Christmas is about gift-giving. As Christians we should understand this better. God came to earth in all His fullness, in form of man to dwell with us and redeem us, save our lives and souls. No other gift could top that. This Christmas season and even going forward, drop that attitude of stinginess. Learn to be sharing. Learn to give…especially to those in need. Don’t be a reservoir, be a fountain (fountains never become empty). Practice giving gifts…he who gives, will never lack. Remember that we were in need of salvation, in need of a savior and God, so generously, gifted us Jesus, our Savior (Romans 6:23; Ephesians 2:8; James 1:17).

Christmas is about joy. Have you been feeling downcast or sorrowful for a while now? Connect to the real Christmas spirit. Connect to the joy Christmas. The bible makes us understand that the angels were joyful in heaven when Jesus was born. Tap from that heavenly joy too and when you do, be sure to spread it around. Jesus was born that your sorrow may be turned into joy. Why don’t you let that be your mantra and drive that sorrow away…the One who brings joy is born! (Luke 2:10-14)

Christmas is about peace. How? If truly, we Christians believe Jesus is the reason for the season, then should we not believe it’s a time of peace considering that He is the Prince of peace? Jesus’ messages were also messages of peace, of reconciliation with the father. This period reminds of the need for reconciliation, peace-making and keeping and restitution. There is no better way to celebrate a person than to demonstrate or reflect what it is, that the person stands for. (Isaiah 9:6; Luke 2: 14)

Christmas is about appreciation. I wonder why those who chose the day to celebrate Jesus’ birth, chose December 25, one of the last days in the year. But I think (I am not sure) it could have a significance of ending the year reflecting on God’s goodness. Christmas time is a time to show appreciation to God for His sacrifice and goodness shown to us from even before we were born till today. Also, it’s a time to be appreciative of God’s mercies and protection throughout the year. It’s less than a week till the new year and this year has been a bulky year. Nevertheless, key into what this season is about and just be thankful. (1 Corinthians 1:4; Psalm 107:8)

Christmas is about finding God. When Jesus was born, there was no need for the Magi and the Shepherds to visit Him…after all, they had absolutely no connection with Jesus. But the significance of the Magi travelling from far distance to meet with the newly born King is the need to find God…the need to be in His presence. The essence of the angels appearing to the Shepherds was to lead them to Jesus. Hence, if you have lost your way, perhaps you were a hot Christian before but now you’re a Christian per se or you have never even known Christ, this is the best time to trace your steps to Jesus. This is the best time to meet with Him, to return to God. Christmas is all about Jesus. (Luke 2:8-20; Matthew 2:1-12)

(If you are willing to accept Jesus as your Savior please pray this: Lord I acknowledge I have sinned over and over against you. But today, I choose your forgiveness which is Christ Jesus. I choose you Jesus to be the Master of my life and I declare you my Lord and personal Savior…help me each day to be more like you…In Jesus’ name, amen.)


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