May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Romans 15:13

The issue of blasphemy is one topic in the Bible that has been given multiple interpretations and has been a source of confusion to many Christians. When we read through the bible, we learn it is an unforgiveable sin (Matthew 12:31; Mark 3:27-29). However, that same bible tells us that the blood of Jesus blots away all our sins (1 John 1:9; Ephesians 1:7). So does this mean the bible contradicts itself? Or is the blood of Jesus incapable of blotting some certain sins away? Or is blasphemy an irrevocable license to eternal damnation? The answer to all these questions is NO. 

To begin with, I’d like to define what this blasphemy is all about. Blasphemy is the act of denying the works of the Holy Spirit. It is the rejecting of the Holy Spirit. To Christians, the most important works of the Holy Spirit are the conception, birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. All these are the basis of our faith. Belief in these things determines one’s salvation because the Bible helps us understand that we are saved by our faith (Ephesians 2:8-9; Acts 16:31). Therefore, a person who chooses to deny these works (rejecting the works of the Holy Spirit; blasphemy) has actually lost that ticket to salvation and such a person cannot be saved. For this reason, a blasphemer cannot be forgiven…he or she has simply rejected the key to forgiveness. 

The bible makes no mistake neither does It contradict Itself when It says all our sins have been paid for. Again, a person who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit committs an eternal sin because he or she discounts the credibility of the source of the forgiveness and in turn, is unable to receive it (read that again). Because the sin of blasphemy is more of a lifestyle and nature than a one-time sin, it is described as unforgiveable but when you come to Jesus, when you believe, you have automatically broken away from that blasphemous lifestyle and have finally accepted and believed in the works of the Holy Spirit. Hence, forgiveness and total salvation is possible even for a blasphemer. The blood of Jesus washes away ALL the sins of those who believe

It is false to think that anyone guilty of blasphemy be it presently or in the past is automatically hell bound. As stated above, there is a remedy to it. Since the root of blasphemy is unbelief the solution to it, is to believe.  

So yeah, a person can still make heaven even after blaspheming and I’d give an example. Apostle Paul was a strong enemy of God’s church. He denied the deity of Christ and stoned to death, those who spoke of Jesus’ resurrection (which is a work of the Holy Spirit). In essence, he blasphemed greatly against the Holy Spirit. However, he got saved later on and he came to acknowledge Jesus as Messiah and the Holy Spirit as the One who raised Him from the dead. The new testament is full of his Holy-Spirit-Inspired letters to the churches of God and the bible tells us of the great miracles he performed being empowered by the Holy Spirit. This is an assurrance that he was forgiven of all his errors…all it took was belief. 

In summary, if you have committed this sin before or know someone who has, don’t feel condemned to hell neither you condem such a person to hell. Rather, let the word of God reassure you and come to believe in the works of the Holy Spirit and I assure you that God is more than willing to forgive you. You are not beyond a “forgiveable-persons-boundary” …no one is. God’s forgiveness covers all sins.

May this new year bring to you all, joy, peace and all the good desires of your heart according to the will of God. Happy New Year!

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