May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Romans 15:13

Seyi and Bola have been “together” for a while now. They claim to be in love with each other. Once in a while they go on dates and sometimes, they talk for long hours over the phone. One day, Bola’s friend came to visit her and asked “has he asked you to be his girlfriend yet?” Bola’s heart sank as she said “no”. “So, you mean to tell me you’re not in a relationship yet? As in, he can decide to do whatever he pleases because there’s no official agreement of your love for each other yet?” Her friend asked. “Yes” Bola replied. Though Seyi said he loved her, there was no proof of it since he wasn’t even interested in making her officially his. There was absolutely no proof that he was serious with her. The calls and words and gifts meant nothing if there was no relationship to build in the first place.

Likewise, we do not show our seriousness with God when we choose not to build an intimate relationship with Him. We might pray for long hours, attend all church services, pay our tithes diligently, sow seeds in the house of God and tell Him we love Him every morning but if there is no personal desire and intentionality as regards building an intimate relationship with Him, then it is all pointless. Not having a close relationship with God isn’t a sin but it’s easier for you to betray someone you don’t have relationship with. It’s easier for us to offend God when we keep a distance from Him rather than draw near as He wills. Let’s take a look at Joseph and Judas Iscariot in Scripture. When Potiphar’s wife made unduly advances to Joseph, he could resist such temptations because he did not want to do anything to affect his relationship with Potiphar (since Potiphar liked him so much) but most especially, he didn’t want anything to affect his relationship with God. Even though his relationship with Potiphar was still affected, he chose to please God because he had an intimate relationship with Him. Please note that in walking intimately with God and pleasing Him, you can never avoid stepping on people’s toes”. So, don’t worry about the people like Potiphar’s wife that you may offend in your bid to remain intimate with God. Judas Iscariot was Jesus’ disciple yet he had no intimate relationship with Jesus. He wasn’t following Jesus’ Holy Spirit-inspired directives and he didn’t seek any further knowledge of God. No wonder he ended up selling for just 30 pieces of silver. (Matthew 26:14-16; Genesis 39:7-12)

Going back to the reason why Jesus came to earth, we realize that He came for one purpose; reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:18-21). Jesus didn’t come to establish another religion or come to make minions on earth. He came to reconcile man to God. In beginning, after God made man and gave him instructions on what to eat and what not to eat in the garden of Eden, man disobeyed and fell. This caused us to become estranged from God and we had deviated from the initial plan and purpose of God (Genesis chapter 3). But Jesus came, died for our sins, redeemed us and brought us back to God. This is to tell you that having a close relationship with God is part of His will, anything contrary to that, negates the will of God for man.

Many times, I’d see videos of people talking of “church” girls using statements like “my Spirit told me” before making certain decisions. Those videos are fun to watch but understandable because that’s how a person who has a personal relationship with God often talks. It’s not that God doesn’t speak to you or He doesn’t want to speak to you. This is because you have not come to the realization and consciousness (walking in the spirit) to know when He is giving you directions and when He speaks to you. You ought to involve Him in your decision making but you find this hard because there is a gap in your relationship with Him. No matter the number of people speaking at the same time if I hear my mom’s voice among those voices, I would easily recognize it. Why? Because she’s someone I’ve been with for a long time, her voice is one that I hear daily and there is an intimate relationship established between us. When you groom a close relationship with God, making the wrong turn would never be your problem because He would always direct you and you would always be able to recognize His voice. Why do you think Jesus said He knows those who are His and those who are His know Him? It’s the relationship, the bond between them! (John 10:14 &27)

The good news is that God is not looking for perfect people. He’s not so interested in your credentials or family backgrounds. He is looking for dedicated vessels. He makes use of vessels that are ready to live holy and to be set aside to be thoroughly and well furnished for every good work (2 Timothy 2:20-21 & 2 Timothy 3:16-17). Paul was not perfect but he was dedicated and he made himself available for use. Peter was not a rich man or a man of status neither was he an academician. He was a fisherman but he was dedicated to the work of God. Matthew was a tax collector yet he was used by God. All these people had an intimate relationship with God through the help of the Holy Spirit, in Christ Jesus; which led them to be serious with the specific assignments God had given them. Giving up your will for the will of the Father becomes easier when there is a strong bond between you. Remember Jesus often spoke of God as His Father so when the assignment became tougher about the time of His crucifixion when He was in the garden of Gethsemane, He was able to say “not my will, but yours” (Matthew 26:39). If I need someone to represent me urgently at a particular place, I would rather ask someone I know and someone who knows me rather than ask a stranger. You cannot easily walk in God’s calling for your life if you disregard the need for you to have a consistent, deliberate and intimate relationship with Him. You would simply have a Creator-creation relationship whereas what God desires is a Father to son/daughter relationship (John 15:1-17).

You’ll need to first receive Jesus as your personal Lord and saviour and then ask God for the baptism of the Holy Spirit to build a close relationship with God.

Jesus would not have fulfilled purpose without an intimate relationship with the Father through the Holy Spirit. The same goes for the disciples… except Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus. All the great men and all the prophets of old walked intimately with God. But, can the same be said of you? Are you walking intimately with God?


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