May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Romans 15:13

According to the Google English dictionary provided by Oxford languages, the word “mediocre” means of only average quality; not very good. Mediocrity is the state of being mediocre.

When I first heard this word, I knew it was a state that God wouldn’t be pleased with. Then I found out that a synonym of the word is “common” and that sealed the deal. If holiness is to be set apart, distinct or uncommon, there is no way God would not mind His children being mediocre (common). It is a state we cannot afford to be in. While this is enough point to end this article here, I’ll like to show us even more reasons why a believer should not be mediocre. (1 Peter 1:16)

Other synonyms of mediocre include; average, passable, forgettable, fair, middle-point.

A mediocre person is definitely not living a life of impact and such a thing doesn’t glorify God. If we make impact, we can never be forgettable. Once your life is unable to impact even just one person, you would be easily forgotten. Even those who don’t make positive impacts are somewhat unforgettable. The Christian faith would still continue to talk about Judas Iscariot, though not from a good stance. That he is unforgettable is a product of his impact (negative). Now compare it to Paul who had a positive impact. So long as the church continues to talk about the bible, Apostle Paul remains unforgettable. But a mediocre is forgettable because of his lack of impact. Even schools remember their best students and worst students…the average ones are easily forgotten.

Once your life is unable to impact even just one person, you would be easily forgotten.

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When I was younger, I heard that those who enter heaven gloriously are rewarded with houses of gold. But due to other wrong doctrines I had heard, heaven seemed unattainable. So I would tell my friend that I don’t mind being in the “dustbin” of heaven, as long as I make it there. That was mediocrity speaking. I wanted to be passable, fair, but it is obvious that such goals can only do so little to keep a person grounded in the faith. God doesn’t want us to be mediocre in our walk with Him. Philippians 1:25 talks of furtherance of our faith…that means we are moving beyond the middle point. There is a need to shine brighter and brighter unto the perfect day… that scripture depicts “furtherance,” not stagnancy, “excellence” not mediocrity. And we can only achieve this first, by a renewal of the mind just like I did, then by fellowshipping with The Holy Spirit constantly.
(Philippians 1:25; 2 Corinthians 13:14).

Before any assumptions are made that this only has to do with the spiritual, let me point out that God wants more than spiritual excellence for us. He wants us to excel in other areas of our lives too.

There is something about being associated with God, excellence must follow…except you don’t allow it. Daniel was strongly devoted to God and this did not affect other areas of his life. In fact, we are made to know that he excelled instead. He wasn’t failing or short of good quality of knowledge in the other areas of his life because he had to read his bible or pray. The deeper he went with God, the more he excelled. Daniel found favour in the sight of kings…do you know what this means? It means he must have had exceptional quality. (Daniel 1:18-20; Daniel 5:12; Daniel 6:3).

There is no glory in mediocrity. Being mediocre causes your light to dim…those who attain excellence are the ones whose light are shining. If you refuse to let your light shine before men, how do they want to see your good (not average) works and glorify your Father in heaven? Do you really think the Holy Spirit was given to us to just live a common life? He is God’s power in us to do more and it is evident the way He enables us to do the things we wouldn’t have been able to do, He gives us understanding beyond our knowledge and wisdom beyond the ordinary. Matter of fact, excellence has a spirit and the Holy Spirit is that spirit. (Daniel 6:3; Matthew 5:16).

Even financially, God desires excellence for us. Look, He even replenished and increased Job. God is associated with greatness and if we are to be like Him, we must be great too. He also wants to use us for great things but if we settle for mediocrity, how can that happen? I’m not saying lobby for greatness; as a matter of fact, you can’t even lobby for greatness, it can only be worked for through hard work and God’s Grace. Job 42:10; 1 Peter 2:9 (AMP)

Noah was able to hand-build such a large arc perfectly because of his spirituality (he had a good relationship with God). His intimacy with God birthed excellence in him. Therefore, if your walk with God (that you claim to have) is not resulting into excellence and exceptionality for you then you are not truly walking with God because it is “a cause and effect principle” which can only be hindered if you let it. (Genesis 6:9; Joshua 1:8)

Being a Christian shouldn’t stop you from attaining academic excellence, financial prosperity or career success. In fact, it should foster it. Because mediocrity doesn’t bring glory to God, it can never be endorsed by Him.

“The idea of being described as a mediocre ‘master of none’ should make us as Christians sick to our stomachs. Why? Because mediocre work fails to accomplish the essence of the Christian life: to serve others and to glorify God“.

Jordan Raynor, Master of One

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