May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Romans 15:13

As a follow up to last week’s post, I’d be sharing with you, more details about the power of God.

If you are ever caught up in a negative situation, call on God. He has the power to turn the most negative situation into a positive one. He can bring out good from an entirely terrible situation. Joseph was going to be killed by his brothers. They had it all planned but they eventually ended up selling him off to slavery. One could have imagined just how devastated he would have been when he had to stay in a land unfamiliar to him for 13 more years. However, in that unfortunate situation, The Lord God brought a pleasant one. Joseph became the Prime minister…probably one of the most successful and prominent one ever… in that foreign land and all his dreams and purposes were fulfilled. Initially, it seemed as if his life was close to over but God turned it around and made him even a channel to save other lives (Genesis chapters 37-50).

Hannah was for many years, unable to bear a child. Peninnah, the other wife of her husband had found it fit to mock her. Peninnah caused life to be miserable for Hannah and Hannah was tired of it. You know what she did? She went to God. She spoke to God in such a heartfelt way that she was mistaken for being drunk. The following year, she carried with her own hands, her child (1 Samuel 1:1-28). When we mention great prophets in the bible, the list is incomplete without Prophet Samuel, Hannah’s son. But no one ever heard of Peninnah’s children. God silenced Hannah’s enemies and put an end to their mocking. God can silence your enemies. Matter of fact, the bible has made us to know that He has already. In Colossians 2:15 the Bible says that Jesus Christ made an open show of the enemy after triumphing over them. God has silenced the noise of mockery made by your enemies through the victory that He won for you on the cross since over 2,020 years ago. He has that power!

God is no mere human! He doesn’t tell lies or change His mind. God always keeps His promisesNumbers 23:19 CEVDCI. When God says He will do a thing, know without any doubt that he has the power to bring it to pass (however, if you stray from God’s will for you, you might miss out on God’s promises as a result of your actions). It does not matter how long ago the promise had been made, it does not matter what the current situation seems like, it does not matter what has happened…God is not one to back down on His words. Neither is He one that is incapable of fulfilling His promises. When God promised His people the Messiah (Jesus Christ) in the time of Prophet Isaiah it was not until hundreds of years after, that Jesus Christ came. It took time but His words were fulfilled. Trust God when He says He’s got your back. Trust Him when He says He would never forsake you. Trust Him when He says He will give you that which you desire. Trust Him when He says He will heal and bless you. He has the power to bring it to reality.

After a pretty long description of God’s power, it would be necessary to explain how one can experience this power, right? For anyone willing to experience God’s power, it is necessary to first believe in God through Jesus Christ (John 3:16; 1 John 5:5; Hebrews 11:6; Matthew 21:22). You cannot experience something you don’t believe in. Even if you happen to experience it, you would not be able to tell. You have to believe in God and His existence. You’ll need to have faith in Him. Though this is not enough, it is a first step. Next is, you need an intimate relationship with God. To experience God’s power, you need to be solely and totally dependent on Him. Joseph, Hannah, and all the other people in the Bible who experienced God’s power had a relationship with Him. On the other hand, it is possible that one meet with Jesus so as to experience this power. Blind Bartimeus, the woman with the issue of blood, the mad man of Gadara all had one thing in common. Though they might not have fulfilled the second criteria, that is, having a relationship with God (the bible doesn’t really give much details if they did), they fulfilled the first, they had faith in Jesus being the solution to their problem and they just happened to meet with Jesus (Mark 10:46-52; Matthew 9:20-22; Mark 5:1-20). Well, in the case of the mad Gadarene, Jesus met with Him. Those people met with Jesus and they experienced a power that turned their lives around. Meet with Jesus today, meet with God…you can never miss out on the experience of God’s power this way. Finally, be in close contact with your bible. God’s word itself carries His power. Although God still speaks to us directly, He speaks a lot to us through His word. How are you going to access the power in God’s word without having an idea of what is in the word? It is not enough to attend church services or listen to messages or read the verse of the day on Youversion bible. You also have to study the word. The Word of God is power…power that you can experience if you come to Him and declare Him your Lord.

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