May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Romans 15:13

Sometimes, when we are not constantly reminded of a thing, we are likely to forget about it. In the type of world we live in now, we tend to be easily preoccupied with its challenges and pleasures that we forget the magnanimity of the power of God. This is a reminder to someone today that God is still very much alive and kinging on His throne and most definitely, He still has all the power.

Are you currently battling sickness? Or maybe you have given up on that battle because now the doctors have told you exactly how many days you have left to live. Why don’t you go to the one who has the power to heal? He is not called Jehovah Rapha (God my healer) for nothing. The woman with the issue of blood had been fighting her battle for 12 years. In fact, every time she visited a doctor, her problem only got compounded. But one day she met with The One with Power. That fateful day, she met Jesus and immediately the irregular flow of blood stopped (Mark 5:25-34). God’s power is still the very same today…even COVID19 has nothing on Him. The power of God can heal you. It can set you free from that tablet that you must take every four hours. It can liberate you from that death sentence of a sickness. Just as His power brought Lazarus who had been dead four days back to life (John 11:1-46), It can resuscitate that dead organ, It can bring that dead business back to life, It can heal all your infirmities…only if you let It, only if you let God.

When God’s power is involved, strongholds are easily destroyed. Paul and Silas had been wrongly imprisoned because they were proclaiming the gospel of Christ. They were locked up in fortified prison cells and all they did was pray and praise God and the Holy Spirit came down in full force and shook the prison grounds so much that all the gates of the cells were flung open (Acts 16:16-30). Another time, Peter was imprisoned also for the cause of the gospel and this time around God sent His angel to set Peter free. This was a prison cell guarded by a set of two armed soldiers and a heavy door (Acts 12:1-11). The enemy sought to keep them captive but ignored the fact that God is The Almighty. The apostles were delivered from captivity by the power of God. So many things could represent the “prison cell” in your life today but trust the One who has All the Power to bring you out of that captivity.

The mad man of Gadara had been tormented for several years by demons so many, they called themselves legion. At times, he’d break off iron chains with his bare hands. At times, he’d inflict pain on himself by using sharp stones to carve on his body. He was feared so much by people that he was driven away from living with other people and so he lived in empty tombs (Mark 5:1-13). He was deep in bondage…a bunch of evil spirits had just taken over his body and they were ruining him. He needed a savior. It so happened on a particular day that Jesus had been passing through the area and that very day, the Gadarene met with the All-powerful One. He was saved and made free on the same day, on the spot. Meet with Jesus today…He is your only way to salvation.

Again, there was a time in Mark 4:35-41 that Jesus was on a boat with the disciples and some other people on their way to the other side of Galilee and a great storm started. A life-threatening storm at that. All aboard feared that that might be the day they perish. Surprisingly to them, they found Jesus sound asleep and they met Him and asked Him why He was sleeping in such a serious and dangerous situation. But like I said, He has the power. This time, He spoke to the wind and the seas and at His instruction, that the storm become calm, it was calm. Jesus Christ has that power! The good news is that now Jesus Christ doesn’t sleep; He is ever awake to take up your storms and silence them, giving you peace only if you invite Him into the situation (because He is a gentleman, He would never force Himself on anyone). In fact, He wants you to silence those storms yourself by speaking to them in His name. He says He has given you all authority in His name and any thing you ask in His name will be done! (Luke 10:19; John14:14)

As said above, sometimes, God wants you to take action by yourself, using that authority He has already given you. Take for example the time when the disciples couldn’t cast out some demons and Jesus asked them “for how long would I be here with you” (Matthew 17:17)implying that He expects them at some time to do these things themselves depending on the power of God. The power of God is such a magnificent thing that is indescribably amazing. However, it can only be accessed and experienced by faith. Faith, first in He who has the power, then in His ability to do that which you desire according to His will.   

2 responses to “THE POWER OF GOD.”

  1. Martins👑 Avatar

    “The power of God is such a magnificent thing that is indescribably amazing. However, it can only be accessed and experienced by faith. Faith, first in He who has the power, then in His ability to do that which you desire according to His will.” this part got me❤️ thank you❤️


    1. teniiiola Avatar

      All glory to God😊
      Thanks for commenting ♥️


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