May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Romans 15:13

Many times and for so many Christians, we forget to expect answers when we pray. Prayer is communication with God. It transforms us and helps us walk in the capacity God has given us. But even after spending several hours praying, we still fail to do something very important; expect answers. As praying believers we must go before God with expectant hearts and even after praying we must remain expectant because sometimes, the answers don’t manifest immediately. We must do so for several reasons. 

One reason is that expectations show our faith. When we pray –which is ask –for something and we do not prepare ourselves to receive it, it shows that we did not even believe it was possible. Maybe this will work when we are dealing with men. But when it comes to matters involving God, we know all too well now that faith must also be involved. (Heb. 11:16)

The woman with the issue of blood is an avid example of someone who went to God with expectations. No one told her that she could do what she did to get her healing. But she expected it. She expected that if she did something as little as touch the hem of Jesus’ garment, she would receive her healing. The amazing thing is that scripture records that Jesus was walking in the midst of a huge crowd so it is very likely that other people were also brushing into Him, probably bumping shoulders with Him. But these people had no expectations. The one person who did, ended up receiving her miracle and Jesus said her faith made her whole. (Lk. 8:42-48)

When we are expectant, we declare our trust in God. sometimes, when we feel pain, we take painkillers. We do this because we expect that it would relieve the pain, and we trust the medication to do so. In the same way, let us also trust God a little bit more. Let us expect that He hears and answers our prayers. The answers may not come immediately or as soon as we want them or even in the way we expect them but we can rest assured that He answers prayers. When we pray and assure ourselves of the result, we show our trust in God. And scripture tells us that those who put their trust in God are like Mount Zion which cannot be moved. (Isa. 65:24; 1 Jhn. 5:14-15)

Scripture gives us so many examples of people who had expectations but for the purpose of this post, I’ll cite only two. Joseph is a good example of someone whose expectations revealed his trust. God had shown him the level of greatness which he would reach but things seemed very unlikely. Yet, Joseph still had expectations that this revelation would be made manifest. He kept his trust in God and one day, the tides finally turned in his favor. (Gen. 37-50)

If expectation is the seed, then manifestation is the fruit. Pray and expect responses. Pray and expect answers. When we do this, it activates what is called living faith. We all know that faith without works is dead. Your works are those things you do while you await what God has promised or what you have prayed for. It is your expectation of a manifestation. (Jam. 2:26)

If expectation is the seed, then manifestation is the fruit.

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The key to hearing God’s voice is to expect God’s voice. When you go to the place of prayer and you do not have any expectations to hear God speak, even if He does, you would not identify that voice as His. He speaks to His children. His sheep hear His voice (Jhn. 10:27). So, if you are truly His sheep, expect to hear Him speak. Expect His direction. Expect His guidance. Expect answers. 

However, if you are not part of the fold, if you are yet to have the Spirit of God living in you, then you are not yet a sheep. Nevertheless, today presents you with an opportunity to become a child of God. If you would like to make Jesus the Lord of your life and therefore become a child of God, please say this prayer: Dear Jesus, I accept you as my Lord and I choose you today, tomorrow, and forever to follow, love, and serve. Amen. 

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